A Servant's Heart

June 18, 2011

I remember when my first child was born. I would hold him and look at him and just cry. Tears of joy, overwhelming love that I couldn’t retain filling me up, overflowing and spilling out. I remember thinking, “So this is what motherhood feels like? I have finally been accepted into the Mom Club!”
It wasn’t until after my second son was born when my walk with Christ really began. It was my heart’s desire to raise my children right and somehow I knew then the right way wasn’t conforming to the world’s way. Also, little did I know what I desired for my children were also what God desires for me.  

I am always amazed at God’s ways, His plans in His time. The process we go through walking in faith, Him revealing wisdom to us as we learn and grow in Him. As I looked to God for guidance and wisdom in raising my boys, God was also transforming me.

The day I learned children are gifts from God it was a profound awakening in my spirit. God is bigger than whatever it was I believing, thinking, and knowing. As an immature Christian I was confused and wanted to know what my purpose is. He revealed to me it is my ministry right at home with my children and He has gently reminded me several times since then.

Now I look at raising my children as my ministry, leading their hearts to Christ. I am a missionary, a prayer warrior, a shepherd.

As I pray for my boys, God is molding me as well to be the mother He called me to be. To have a servants heart towards my children, to give them grace as He gives grace, and shower them always in love.

Have a blessed day!

Five Minute Friday: Backwards

June 10, 2011

Friday! How I love Friday! Linking up with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday!


Backwards brings to mind life choices.

I think of where I was 6 years ago and who I have become. I have grown so much and all glory and honor to the LORD!
A result of my life choices…single mom.

Doing what sometimes seems the impossible and now being so aware that my life choices not only affect me, but my children.
We live each day and eventually come to a fork in the road, which one shall I take? I am reminded of the board game LIFE, “Decisions, decisions…”

I know if I choose the road to the left it will take me backwards. Back to whom I once was and I don’t want to go there! So I know in my heart, even though the right road may be narrow and not easy, I choose it. In the end, it will be the road most rewarding walking hand in hand with the LORD.

Have a blessed day!

Mother's Prayers

June 07, 2011

I am so excited to be participating in 21 Days of Prayers for Sons based on Brooke McGlothlin's ebook, "Warrior Prayers" over at Granola Mom 4 God.

As a mom, the greatest investment in our children's lives is prayer. I want my boys growing up having a relationship with their Heavenly Father and to be confident knowing who they are in Him. I want a hedge of protection formed around them all the days of their lives because we not only struggle against the powers of this dark world, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms as well. (Eph 6:12)

So, who is with me? It doesn't matter if your sons are young, teens, or grown and out of the home. We will be praying the Word over our boys in areas of their lives where they need it the most. This challenge starts June 8th and its not too late!

If you are interested, please visit the Warrior Prayers website for all the information.

Have a blessed day!

A Super Hero!

June 06, 2011

It’s amazing and wonderful how each child is so different. I love how they are each their own.

One is silly and the other is sensitive.

The older one loves trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, basically anything that has an engine and moves. While the younger one likes these things, his independence and own interests are surfacing.

He is my youngest and will be turning three later this month. His fascination with super heroes has recently exploded.   I’m not sure where or even how this all started, we don’t even watch super heroes on TV. Being a girl, I don’t quite understand it. Part of me hopes it’s just a normal little boy thing, but then there is the single mom in me, the single mom with two boys, who can’t help wonder if he already senses something is lacking, missing, and absent.  

This morning he went on and on. “Momma, Spiderman helps people.”  And “Momma, there is good super heroes and bad ones.” I looked at him and said, “You really like super heroes, huh?” He exclaimed, “Yeah!” with a little jump in his step. So, I asked him, “Do you know who Mommy’s favorite super hero is?” He looked at me like, what Momma likes super heroes too?

Then asked, “Who?”

I said, “Jesus!”


A short pause, then he responded, “No! He isn’t a super hero!” I said, “Sure He is! He saved the world!”

Then that was it. I lost his attention and he quickly moved onto something else.

It really got me thinking though. Jesus is not only a father to the fatherless, but a super hero and here is the best part! He is not only a super hero for little boys, but for all of us!

In a household dominated by males, one of my greatest single mom concerns is to raise godly and manly men. This morning, I realized I really need to look through little boy’s eyes to portray Jesus not only as a loving Father, but the ultimate super hero!

Have a blessed day!

Five Minute Friday: Every Day

June 03, 2011


Every day we should live with a purpose. Every day is a new beginning to start off on the right foot, to not make the same mistakes we made yesterday. To breathe in deep and thank God for what we have and not ponder on what we lack.
Sounds all good and dandy, but my every day is not always filled with living with purpose. Many days I am exhausted and struggle to even keep afloat.

Every day I try to balance bringing home the bacon, motherhood and what household chores I can manage to fit in or mostly have the energy to do for that day.
I don’t want to live my every day as a struggle, as a mountain I need to climb. Every day is a gift. Every day is time we can never get back.

Instead, every day I will look to God for strength and to refresh my spirit. Only with Him, I can live my every day with a purpose.

What are your thoughts on "every day". Join me and link up at Gypsy Mama!
Have a blessed day and Happy Friday!

I Want To Be More Like Them

June 02, 2011

“God will heal me,” exclaims my boys after they scrape their knees or hurt themselves. I look at them and smile and my heart is happy because they believe. I admire their faith and want to be more like them. It’s not that I don’t believe God will heal them. It is their innocence, their faith in believing what they have been told.  What I have told them! The sweet innocence before their world gets bigger, before the world tries to corrupt and undo what I am teaching them.

It is the child’s complete dependence and trust in the parent that reminds me how often I am negligent in completely depending and trusting in my Heavenly Father. Oh, how I have great intentions and have re-committed to surrendering it all to Him time and time again!
I watch my children and want to be more like them.

To erase any doubt that creeps in. I have prayed for healing and God had other plans. I sometimes can’t help and wonder, “Will He?” even when I’m praying without ceasing for healing and restoration for others who need a miracle. For me, to see a miracle, to witness God’s great hand at work! For His glory to fall down all around us!
I want to be more like them.

God recently impressed on my heart these two scriptures:

Mark 11:22-24 - “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Mark 9:23 - “If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.”

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your faithfulness, for your love that is bigger and greater than I can ever comprehend. Please be patient with me as I once again surrender my life to you. Refresh my spirit as I read your word, remove all doubt and continually increase my faith.

In Your Precious Name,


Have a blessed day!

A Part of Me

June 01, 2011

Here I go again, thinking of my life journey, my walk with Christ and what He has done in my life. I just can’t help it these days. I am so grateful to Him, so thankful I feel like I’m going to explode, tears sting my eyes.

I finally wrote my testimony after many failed attempts. I posted here on my blog for the entire world to see.

Have a blessed day!
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