Hello all Momma’s of Boys!

July 28, 2011

Thank you for stopping by! I am so excited to be a part of the first annual Boy Mom Blog Hop {2011}!

Well, first thing first. My name is Dawn and I’m a single mom. The two most perfect gifts I have ever received right after Jesus Christ, of course are my boys, ages 6 and 3 years. My oldest loves trucks, cars, trains, planes, construction vehicles, tractors (I think you get the picture). He says he wants to be a truck driver or drive a tractor when he grows up. His favorite books are anything related to the before mentioned favorites.  My youngest recently developed a passion for super heroes. He says he wants to be Batman and save the world!
I am blessed with a job were I work mostly from home and having the world’s best boss is just icing on the cake.

I am a twin.
I love flowers, coffee, dark chocolate and taking pictures of the sky. I love to read, journal and blog when I find the time!   

We have three cats and would love to get a dog. The boys really want a dog.
I turned to Christ right after my kids were born. Within the past year God has really showed me my ministry is right here at home, leading my boys’ hearts to Christ. You can read my testimony here, if you care to ;-)

The Most Perfect Gift is a place where I share my life as a single mom and my walk with Christ. It’s a place to acknowledge and celebrate all of God's good gifts.
Even though I am a single mom I wouldn’t change a thing right now. It is exactly where I am supposed to be and God is my rock and my strength and I am so ever thankful.

Please come and visit again!

Have a blessed day!

Do What Jesus Would Do

July 18, 2011

As a Christian, I often wonder do others see me living my life as a follower of Christ? Do people see Jesus in how I live and in my parental choices? Am I leading my little flock as Jesus led his disciples? Am I too radical or not radical enough? I don't want others to say, "Oh, she has her religion now." but, for them to see past me and see Jesus, to see who I once was and who I have become because of Him and be encouraged to want to know Him.

How many of us wonder these things? Am I fulfilling the will of God? Doing all I am called to do for Him?

Recently, I witnessed a situation and I didn't judge or condemn. I would like to think I did what Jesus would have done. I offered love through hugs and kind words. After all, who am I to judge? I too have acted wrongly when tension and emotions are high.

Days later I was asked, how do you stay so calm and patient? In my head I was thinking, "Do what Jesus would do". These words I should have spoken, but instead I kept them to myself. Did I miss an opportunity? I can only hope my behavior planted a seed and I pray to God for him to change their hearts and complete His work in them.

Have a blessed day!

A Daily Reminder

July 16, 2011

After reading the book, "Heaven is for Real" I printed the picture of Jesus that Colton said, "Dad, that one's right." The picture is a portrait, called Prince of Peace: The Resurrection painted by another child, Akiane.

I wanted a daily visual of Jesus and this portrait seemed so perfect because it was painted by a child and confirmed by another. It reminds me of Matthew 18:3, "Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven".

But what convicted my heart was when I printed it. Little red ink spots splattered all across the picture. My first reaction was "Oh no! I need to re-print it!" Then quickly my thoughts were replaced with these red ink spots are drops of blood. A true reminder and confirmation that Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for me, for you, for all of us.

Now when I look at this picture daily (since its hanging in my kitchen) I am reminded of Jesus' finished work at the cross and His promises!

Have a blessed day!

And I Rested

July 15, 2011

My boys and I went on vacation! A real, get on an airplane and leave it all behind vacation!

We visited several different family members and friends across different parts of Florida. It was wonderful because the kids had fun and I rested.

I didn't have to plan meals, make meals or organize what was on the agenda for the day. My time was based on everyone else's time and I have to admit it felt good not to be calling all the shots, for once!

My main concern was getting sunblock on my kids and is it time to re-apply? I wasn't connected to the internet or social media and even texting was at a bare minimum. It felt so good! I relaxed and rested!

Have a blessed day!
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