Today, I'm thankful best friend!

November 20, 2012

Today, I am especially thankful best friend!
I truly believe God places people in our lives because He knows what we need and I know my best friend is definitely a blessing from Him. Well, you might be asking how do I know this? and this is how I know.

I met her back in '92 when I decided to get a job as a waitress, which was really out of character for me. My previous jobs were working in a record store, a bank, and doing temporary office work, places where I could remain the shy introvert I really was. I don't remember the fine details on how our friendship took shape and evolved, but we eventually became roommates and great friends and when our lease was up we parted ways. Of course, never with the intention that our friendship would diminish. I moved back home to save money. I met a guy. I let that relationship consume me. It overtook every area of my life and unfortunately, my friendship with my best friend.

Now to answer how I know she is a gift from God is quite simple. After so many years of separation, she one day reached out to me. I don't recall what prompted her to contact me again and I'm sure it must not have been easy, since I don't think I had kept up with my end of being a good friend back in the day.

I am so thankful she did because we have become the closest and best of friends again! Sure there were questions that needed answering and feelings we needed to work through, but I truly believe God brought us back together because He knows we need each other!
Thank you, God for blessing me with such a wonderful best friend! Thank you for creating her so special and unique and with the biggest most loving heart, more than anyone I know.

Lord, bless her and keep her, shine Your face upon her and be gracious to her. Turn Your face towards her and give her peace and give her the desires of her heart!
In Jesus' Name,

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