Today, I'm thankful best friend!

November 20, 2012

Today, I am especially thankful best friend!
I truly believe God places people in our lives because He knows what we need and I know my best friend is definitely a blessing from Him. Well, you might be asking how do I know this? and this is how I know.

I met her back in '92 when I decided to get a job as a waitress, which was really out of character for me. My previous jobs were working in a record store, a bank, and doing temporary office work, places where I could remain the shy introvert I really was. I don't remember the fine details on how our friendship took shape and evolved, but we eventually became roommates and great friends and when our lease was up we parted ways. Of course, never with the intention that our friendship would diminish. I moved back home to save money. I met a guy. I let that relationship consume me. It overtook every area of my life and unfortunately, my friendship with my best friend.

Now to answer how I know she is a gift from God is quite simple. After so many years of separation, she one day reached out to me. I don't recall what prompted her to contact me again and I'm sure it must not have been easy, since I don't think I had kept up with my end of being a good friend back in the day.

I am so thankful she did because we have become the closest and best of friends again! Sure there were questions that needed answering and feelings we needed to work through, but I truly believe God brought us back together because He knows we need each other!
Thank you, God for blessing me with such a wonderful best friend! Thank you for creating her so special and unique and with the biggest most loving heart, more than anyone I know.

Lord, bless her and keep her, shine Your face upon her and be gracious to her. Turn Your face towards her and give her peace and give her the desires of her heart!
In Jesus' Name,

Today, I am thankful pastor and his wife!

November 18, 2012

Today we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of our Pastor and his wife for their faithful service unto the Lord. I had the opportunity today to tell them how thankful I am for them!

I really can't express how thankful and grateful I am for my pastor and his wife. I came to my church in 2009. I was lost, yet I knew in my heart my boys and I needed God in our lives. This church opened their arms to us with love and accepted us for who we are just as Jesus does. With their leadership they have helped me find my way.

The following scripture came to my mind when I was thinking of what I wanted to say to them today.

"Care for the flock that God has entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly - not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God." 1 Peter 5:2 NLT

Peter is speaking to the elders here. He is telling them how to lead and I believe my pastor and his wife are true examples of this.

  • their authority to lead this church is based on service, not power
  • they lead God's flock willingly, not for their own gain, but because they are eager to serve God (I can only imagine how being in ministry is not easy, the demands and putting others needs before your own family)
  • they lead by example, not force

I see this in the way my pastor preaches. I love it when he gets so passionate. He speaks and teaches biblical truths. He even says himself, "look it up, it's in the Bible!" There have been so many times when my own questions have been answered during Sunday service and bible study. God knows what His children need and He uses Pastor to speak His truth to the flock He has entrusted to him.

My pastor's wife, a wonderful godly woman who cares for our little ones in the nursery, leads women fellowship meetings and everything she does for the church and her family.

And the both of them in the way they have raised their own children who are now grown adults. It is very encouraging for me. I look to them as examples of how I want to raise my own boys.

They have blessed me and my family in so many ways! I am forever thankful to God for placing them in our lives!

How about you? Have you stopped to tell someone today you are blessed just having them in your life?

Have a blessed day!

Today, I'm thankful for...well, today!

November 12, 2012

Some days are more difficult than others, but we should always hang on to the hope and joy we receive from God. So, today I am thankful that I am alive and I am thankful it was warm and I am thankful for this day that the Lord has made.

Have a blessed day!

Today, I'm thankful for...many things!

November 09, 2012

I didn't get to post yesterday, but that is okay because it only means today I am thankful for many things. Just because a day has come and gone shouldn't mean we forget about all our blessings. We should always reflect on how God has provided for us and how He has blessed us. This reminds us that He is always with us, especially if we are going through a storm we can be reminded that His promises are true! What He has done for us before, He will do for us still and again! Can we shout Hallelujah! and praise Him! I also believe by remembering what He has done for us already helps us keep our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our spirit fixed on Him! Let us not look to the left or to the right, but straight ahead.

So, let me go back to yesterday. Yesterday, I am thankful for...

  • my God who removes fear and anxiety and replaces it with peace
  • for God watching over us because we just missed hitting a deer 
  • for exercise and fellowship with other wonderful women

Now for today.

Today, I'm thankful sister!
I really hate it that my siblings and I live in different states. I always wished we lived on the same street or at least in the same town, seeing each other more than just on holidays or when we can arrange a visit. How do we allow our lives to become so busy we forgo phone calls and resort to texting, sharing pictures and a quick hello, how are you?

My sister and I shared our mother's womb and because we are twins, we shared everything as kids. We have been blessed to grow up being best friends and I can remember even as we got older we would both take off our birthday to spend the day together. How I miss those days!

Now as adults, just hearing each other's voice and the times we get to spend together are treasured moments. Today held one of these treasured moments, my sister and I actually spoke on the phone!

I am so thankful I not only have a sister, but a twin. We share a special bond and I don't ever want to take her for granted. Just because she is my sister and always will be I can't forget to let her know how much I love her and how special she is to me. Even though our worlds sometimes feel million miles apart, she is always close in my heart.

Oh, I can't forget to mention that many of the pictures I use on my blog are photos my sister takes and sends my way with permission to use!
Thank you, Lord for my dear sister! She is a blessing to me and many others! Love you, sis!

Have a blessed day!

Today, I'm thankful for...little hands

November 07, 2012

I wake very easily throughout the night. I don't think I was always that way. I think it is something that just happened when I became a mom.

Subconsciously sensing little bodies that begin to arouse during the night, pulling them into bed with me and snuggling close. We quickly drift back to sleep.

I wake up automatically again in the still of the morning. Little ones begin to stir next to me. My little rooster always waking up early no matter how late he gets to bed. It is still dark and I don't want to get out from beneath my warm down comforter. It is quiet and peaceful and I feel safe. My soul whispers, "Thank you, Jesus."

The little one to my right stirs some more, stretching and plopping down across my body. Our hands touch. I grab his little warm  hand and hold it. These little hands that are getting so big. No more baby dimpled hands and chubby fingers. Little hands that once were clenched so tight at birth and can now expand to hold a football. I cherish this early morning moment and the feel of his soft warm hand in mine.

As we rise to go downstairs my youngest one appears in the doorway clutching his blankets close. He reaches for my hand as we climb down the stairs. The warmth of his small hand warms my heart.

Today, I'm thankful for these little hands. These little hands that will one day be the hands of men. I am reminded now is the time to take these little hands in mine and lead them as I take the hand of my Heavenly Father as He leads me.

Thank you Lord for these little hands you have blessed me with. Thank you for reminding me today not to lose sight of my role as a mother, which is to lead them to You. Help me Lord to not lose focus. Help me to keep my eyes on You and keep my hand in Yours to follow You. 
In Jesus' Name,

Have a blessed day!

Today, I'm thankful for...the sun shining!

November 06, 2012

Our days come and they go. One day, one week, one month, a year. Before we know it, our yesterday's turn into years gone past.

This time last week we had no power and the skies were grey. Today, as I looked up from my desk, the sun appeared to be knocking at my window, inviting me to come outside and play, even for just a moment. All of a sudden everything else could wait. I grabbed my coat and my cell phone and headed outside to meet the sun.

It was like running into an old friend. The air was crisp and cool and the sky so blue. As I looked up the warmth of the sun kissed my face and immediately my insides grew warm.

Grateful for this sun today because tomorrow a nor'easter is headed our way.

These pictures are just a few shots of the sunbeams shining on this world below, reminders that God is above all things. Reminders that no matter what our day holds, He is in control of it all. His glory smiling down on us.

Thank you Lord for the sun today :-)

Have a blessed day!

Today, I'm thankful right to vote!

Today is election day here in America and yes, I am thankful for my right to vote. Enough said. I'm not going to debate politics. I am just acknowledging how thankful I am that I have the right to cast a ballot for candidates I feel make decisions based on biblical principles and who value life as a gift from God.

Have a blessed day!

Preparing a heart of thanks {series}

November 05, 2012

I really can't believe it. Here we are already almost at the end of the year! I don't particularly like the shorter days, but I'm not complaining because this really is my favorite time of year!

Already well into the new school year and somewhat used to the new schedules and responsibilities, it is now that time of year we reflect on all we are thankful for. Our hearts grow grateful and we become sensitive to what God has blessed us with. We may even notice how truly abundant our lives really are.
I can go on and on right now listing so many ways in which I am thankful. In preparing for hurricane Sandy I was thankful I have a God who is my rock and shield. Who would protect me and be with me and my family through the storm. Then during the midst and aftermath of so much devastation I am thankful for having a home free of damage and my family is safe and unharmed.  I am thankful for all the little things we take for granted in this day and age. I am thankful for my best friend who took the storm warnings seriously and prepared us for what was to come.

When we acknowledge what we are thankful for our hearts become filled with gratitude and joy. How can we not turn our faces to our Father in Heaven and praise Him for all He is? He is the one who ultimately gives us all that we need. For Him, I am forever thankful!

Won't you join me this month in recognizing all that you are thankful for? Everyday from now through the end of November I will be preparing a heart of thanks.

Then starting on December 1st, I will take some time each day to reflect and prepare a heart for God as we draw close to celebrating His birth!  I invite you to join me and others with my sweet friend, Anita, from Scattering the Stones Ministry and who wrote the Advent Reflections ebook.

Have a blessed day!
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