Aimlessly going & thoughts don't come

January 24, 2013

My head is throbbing. The pressure is constant. I walk around the house aimlessly. My eyes are heavy. I sit in front of the computer, blank page starring back at me. I want to write.  Nothing comes. Thoughts swirling around in my head, but not a single one landing to take root. Maybe the fog is too thick, still recovering from being sick.

Instead I look at my blog. What can I change? Probably shouldn't do anything drastic. I haven’t planned on making any changes and I’m not thinking clearly, my head feels so foggy. When will this fog clear? 

Well, maybe just a small change. The date is too far away from the post title. I have been meaning to fix that for some time now. Okay, now that’s done, now what? 


I just write, nothing at all just thoughts...jibber jabber. 

It has been this way for months now. 

Too much noise, too many distractions.

I sit, still starring. What I really want to do is close my eyes. I do for a moment. Ah! Boy does that feel good! When was the last time I took a nap in the middle of the day?

I open my eyes and notice the cat stretched out on the brick hearth next to the wood burning stove. I think how nice and begin to feel jealousy stir towards my cat. 

Okay now, focus…focus. 

I close my eyes again to think.  I get kicked in the thigh by my little one next to me. I see I’m not getting anywhere. 

I think I'll go grab a cup of coffee!

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