Sun and Son

February 21, 2013

y four year old made up a song about the sun and it goes like this:

"Sun, sun beautiful sun!"

Okay, so its very short, but give him a break, he is only four :-) He sings this with joy in his heart to celebrate the sun shining after many days filled with grey clouds. As he sings it over and over I can't help but think of another version:

"Son, son beautiful One!"

And I tell him my version and he thinks its cool and then he starts making up other words that I no longer remember.

I love these moments where I can teach my children or just remind them in subtle ways all that Jesus is to us.

This is why we need to read God's Word and let it soak into our souls, our hearts and our minds. So we can radiate with the truth and glorify Him in all that we do without even thinking about it because it becomes natural, our way of life.

Won't you sing along with us today?!!?

Have a blessed day!

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