What mama did: hugs

February 22, 2013

Can you see me doing the happy Friday dance over here? Today I am linking up with Lisa-Jo, but instead of her usual Five Minute Friday word prompt we are talking about something our mama's did when we were kids. An impression they left on us, intentional or not! 

My mom did so much when we were kids in providing our house to feel like a home. I always thought my mom was living in a different time than intended for her. She was a country girl at heart. Even though we didn't live on a farm she made very good use of the one acre we had.

She wanted the best for her family and that included feeding us natural foods, as close to how God made them. She had a huge garden, and we had chickens for eggs and meat, goats for milk, and other various animals to just enjoy. I actually remember her grinding up bugs and other things in the blender to put on the vegetation as a natural pesticide! But that was my mom. She had a can do attitude and nothing seemed out of reach for her.

She sewed all our clothes as kids and often dressed my twin sister and me in similar outfits.

Besides all that, the one thing I remember specifically from early childhood and through my adult years was her hugs!

She hugged with everything in her. Hard, tight hugs that would squeeze all the air out of us! My mom wasn't always very "cushiony", so yes, her hugs often hurt, but they were so worth it. When she hugged me I could feel how much she loved me...every...single...time.

mom with us
My sister, my mom holding my brother and me!
She was so full of love for us and it was apparent through her hugs. I would never back away or resist one of her wonderful hugs. Now as a mom myself I understand how she felt to just squeeze the ones you love with all you have. My own boys tell me sometimes I hurt them when I hug and all I can say is "its because I love you so much! I can't help it."

My mom went home to be with the Lord a little over three years ago and oh! how I miss her hugs! Nobody can replace the way a mama hugs her babies. Its a deep rooted love that flows from God.

I will continue her legacy and hug my own boys with all I got and if your mama is still around, go ahead - give her a love filled, life giving hug!

Have a blessed day!

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