Let them be boys

March 21, 2013

I watch them from the kitchen window. They are all three years apart. Two are mine, one is a friends.

These boys.

Rough and tumble playing warriors, with sticks as swords, hiding from the enemy in the tall grass or behind the fort.

The days are longer, but still cold. "Zipper up!" I shout as they run passed me out the back door. I am thankful for these days they are eager to get outside. I'm convinced video games are evil. Too much time in front of the TV with remote in hand changes them. They fight with each other more and listen to mama less.

It is these moments, as I watch them from the window that makes my heart happy, yet the girl in me feels a bit uneasy.

These boys being boys.

Sometimes its difficult for this mama to watch as they wrestle. I restrain from opening the back door and yell, "Be careful! Don't get hurt!" Instead I grunt out loud, "I just can't watch them sometimes!" My best friend hears me and says something like, "They are being boys, let them be."

And I do. I let them be boys. I know as a mama I need to let them be boys. I need to let them be who God created them to be.

Yup, these boys who love to wrestle, play loud and play hard.

I look out the window again and I see them running through the yard, rolling on the ground and swinging each other around. They are in battle conquering the enemy. I am grateful for this imaginary play, to stretch their imaginations and exercise their creativity. These little boys that someday will soon enough become men. I need to let them be boys, to let them play warriors that skillfully and tactfully defend their kingdom.

So, what is a mama to do? She prays.

I pray these boys will become warriors for God, who will stand up and defend their morals and values in a secular world where biblical values and the very standards our country was founded on seem less important every day. I pray these boys will serve God all their days, to listen to Him and walk the right path so they will successfully lead their own families and communities.

So, as I watch from the window I need to remind myself let them be boys.

Have a blessed day!

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