I don't know you, but I'm thinking of you today

June 18, 2013

I could hear a woman yelling. It was a summer day and the windows were open. It was rare to hear people's voices passing by my house, since we don't have any sidewalks. I was home on maternity leave with my second son. I heard her again and then I heard the cry of a small child. Puzzled, I looked out the bedroom window thinking, what is going on?

I saw a blue mini van slowly moving through the rescue squad parking lot, which is right next door to my house. It circled around and then I saw her. A small child probably about 3 years old, a little girl standing in the middle of the parking lot as the mini van slowly moved around her. Then the van stopped and a woman got out still yelling at the crying child.

I truly can't recall how the exact details played out. It was obvious this woman was angry, frustrated, upset. I was stunned and somewhat paralyzed in that moment. I didn't know what to do. My first instinct was to run over there, but then I thought I can't leave my newborn in the house alone. Then a car pulled over as the woman in the van was getting the little girl back into her car seat. There was still yelling and crying. In the car was another woman who began to scream at this woman threatening if she didn't stop she was going to call the police. Once the woman buckled the little girl in she closed her van door and quickly pulled away.

Silence. No more yelling. No more crying.

As I was pulling out of my own driveway this morning, there was a blue mini van parked at the end of the rescue squad parking lot. It reminded me of that time four years ago. I thought of that woman and that child and wondered where are they today? Then I thought, God knows and as I drove my son to his last day of preschool, I offered up prayers for that woman and that little girl.

I don't know the details of that day. I don't know why the woman was so angry and frustrated with that child. I don't know the circumstances that woman was facing. I can only imagine she was at the end of herself. She was weary and tired and she let the worst side of herself rear its ugly head. As I think of this woman I wish I could have hugged her right then. I wish I could have offered her kind words, poured grace into her soul and showed her love. I wish I could have pulled that child into my arms and hugged her tight because no words are necessary when offering love and comfort.

I don't know why God allowed me to remember them today, but I pray they are okay. I pray for God to touch their lives and bless them and I pray they know Him.

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Have a blessed day,

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