Memories that last

July 31, 2013

T   here is something about summers that rekindle so many memories. As a child I remember summers being the best time of the year! The longer days gave us much more time to play...outside. We were always outside playing in the yard, in the pool, and making up games. I'm not saying we were never bored because I can recall my mom saying, "only bored people get bored" and she was quick to give us chores to do.

We spent entire days cleaning out the barn, weeding the garden, and canning tomatoes. As we got older a week was dedicated to the 4-H fair and long weekends camping out with our goats at goat shows. We would sleep out under the stars when the house was too hot or sneak in the pool late night to cool off. Our summers were fun filled with family and play that seemed to last forever.

Now as a mom, I sit in the yard watching my own boys play. Our summers don't include much routine and for the most part I am okay with that. Staying up way too late, going out for ice cream when we normally would be getting ready for bed, and having sleep overs on 'school nights'. There are times when we lay low, pop popcorn, watch a movie and retire early. This is what makes summer so much fun. It's a time to unwind, relax and be carefree! It's the summer days that make lasting memories of time spent with friends and family and laughing and playing as much as we can.

But most of all, lately these summer days remind me of my mom. I'm so happy I have these treasured memories. I can still picture her bare feet - she rarely wore shoes in the summer and could walk down the stone driveway without flinching! We would always find her in the garden, in the barn, sewing or canning or figuring out a way to make it or do it herself.

Thinking of those days just reminds me that our children grow so fast and its not about how many activities we can pack in one summer. It's not about planning the best summer vacation or trying to keep up with what other families are doing. Summers are about slowing down, treasuring the moments, spending quality time with our family and friends, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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