The Ultimate Girlboss Gift Guide

the girlboss gift guide



Selecting the right gift for your boss can be tricky. You want to show that you value her without being too personal. The following gifts work great because they can each be utilized within the office setting, and are therefore always appropriate — except for one. You’ll have to decide if a massage gift certificate is the right thing for your supervisor or if it is better to stick with a day planner. ūüôā

classy boss gift

Any successful exec knows that a huge key to success is gratitude. What better way to help your boss say her thank you’s than with this¬†classy stationary from Rifle Paper? You’ll come to mind every time she writes a thank you note. ūüôā


Another key to success is organization. After using a digital calendar for a year, I discovered that I simply MUST have something on paper to look at in order to organize my thoughts. Somehow, my schedule and goals get imprinted on my brain this way! Do the same for your boss with this cute Kate Spade agenda.

Organization can be a boring task, however. These fun geometric file folders from Paper Source make it a delightful experience. No glam boss will be truly happy with plain manila folders, you know?

like a boss print

Despite all of the hassles, being a boss is fun. Here is one of my own Mad Kitty Media prints. This  Like A Boss print will add a hint of shine to her office will reminding her that she rocks the whole boss thing.

cool boss gift work that hustle

All bosses have hustle, or let’s face it, they wouldn’t be bosses. Here’s another Mad Kitty Print,¬†Work That Hustle. Note: You can get any print you’d like customized at Mad Kitty Media for the absolutely perfect gift!

white and gold pen elegant pen

When it comes to glamour, you can’t go wrong with gold and white. Hence, this gorgeous white and gold pen. Classy, and the price is right!

unique boss gift

Paper clips aren’t a typical gift, but then again, these aren’t your typical paper clips.¬†Kate Spade paper clips, of course.

fashionable boss gift

This cute business card holder is one of a kind and cute!

beautiful boss gift

What better way to have changeable wall art each month than with¬†Rifle Paper’s wall calendar?

geometric candle modern boss gift

There’s always that person who burns the popcorn in the office microwave, or forgot to take a shower. Spare your boss the agony with this¬†geometric candle by La Jolie Muse.


geometric boss gift

Or with this geometric candle by D.L. & Co., instead. Decisions, decisions.



fragrance female boss gift

If your office has a “no candle” policy, this¬†Voluspa pomegranate blood orange home (or office!) fragrance¬†will do the trick instead. ūüôā


gift for female boss

Mad Kitty Media also makes mugs. One of our most popular is our¬†Boss Babe mug. It’s the perfect gift for your fashionista boss. ūüôā

gold sunburst picture frame boss

It’s a rare person who doesn’t enjoy having photos of friends, loved ones and pets to remind her exactly why she is slaving away at the 9-5. This¬†gold sunburst picture frame by Argento SC¬†will frame Fido in style.


wishbone boss gift

There are paperweights, and then there are paperweights. This gold wishbone by Lunares 10 is in the latter category. Include a note that tells your boss that you are lucky to have her leading the team!

fun office supplies boss

Who knew that post-it notes could be dressed up so adorably? This cute kitty could be just the thing for your feline-loving supervisor.

paperweight for boss

I have this¬†mid-century paperweight¬†sitting on my own desk, and have painted it gold. It’s heavy enough to serve as a doorstop if need be!


nice gift for boss

Every stylish office needs something like this marble jar by Aesthetic Content to hold the ubiquitous paper clips, tacks and binder clips. Fill it with chocolate to make it an extra-special gift.

hilarious boss gift

Do you have a boss who fights for her employees and clients? If so, these pink boxing gloves will be just the thing to acknowledge her sparring skills and show your appreciation.

gold and white umbrella boss gift

Rainy days can make even the most fashionable boss look like something the cat dragged in — unless she has a stylish umbrella like this¬†gold and white one by SUABO.

gold magnifying glass

This gold magnifying glass can serve as a paperweight, an actual magnifier or a prop in office shenanigans.


trendy glasses chain

Keeping track of glasses is a pain, and the solutions aren’t always that attractive. Enter this¬†gorgeous gold glasses chain¬†to take your boss’s reading glasses to the next level.


keyring for boss

Office keys are often on the most awful, nondescript keyrings. Gift your boss this gold initial keyring so she can unlock the supply cabinet in style.

plaid wrap scarf for boss

If your office is like most, even the hottest summer day can reach the mid-sixties inside. A plaid wrap scarf can keep the chills at bay.


office decor boss gift

Or give her a soft gray throw by Nordstrom to drape over a chair. It will add a touch of homeyness and give herself something to wrap around her when she takes one of her 10-minute naps after lunch.


fuzzy pillow boss

And that nap? What is a nap without one of these? She’s sure to love this¬†fuzzy pillow from Nordstrom Rack.


fingerless gloves boss

Keep your boss from going out into the cold unprotected with these¬†fingerless gloves by Caslon. It’s great to have a pair just for the office so that she doesn’t freeze when an unexpected cold front blows in.

tote bag for boss

Being a boss often means attending many conferences and meetings. This daisy floral canvas tote serves as a casual alternative to a briefcase.

tablet cover for boss

Help your boss protect her iPad in style with this¬†tablet cover¬†—¬†available in many colors and patterns.

gold laptop sleeve for boss

Laptop protection gets livened up with this gold and white laptop sleeve by Inateck. The gold and white Nordic pattern is on-point for the winter season.



stylish lunch bag

I’m loving the print on this¬†stylish lunch bag by Ju-Ju-Be. It may not keep the office lunch thief at bay, but it is sure to bring a smile to your boss’s face.

Cool gift for female boss

Help your boss to diffuse stress with this sleek and modern aromatherapy diffuser. Everyone will benefit.


boss gift for woman rosemary

As an accompaniment to the previous gift, how about this¬†selection of essential oils? These also make a good stand-alone gift, as simply taking a whiff of rosemary has been proven to increase speed and accuracy¬†— a boon for your overworked boss!


gift for female boss massage


The gift you give your boss doesn’t have to be a physical one. Find out the name of a great massage therapist in the neighborhood around your office and book your boss a lunchtime appointment. Or give a gift card. It will be appreciated.


foot massager

A fashionable boss pays the price for those heels she wears everyday. This foot massager by Earth Therapeutics will give her tootsies a much-needed break between meetings.


gift for female boss

Offices are known for their dry air, and your boss’s hands will appreciate the luxurious¬†Paneir Des Sems hand cream. The set comes with foot cream as well, and makes an excellent accompaniment to the foot massager.


picture frame for boss

This wooden picture frame by MG Decor will fit with any decor, and brings a bit of nature into the office.  For fun, put a photo of the team in the frame!


unique boss gift

As a species, we need to spend more time outside, but when we’re stuck in the office, a plant can help us relax. This bonsai tree is just the thing.


plant for boss gift

Air plants are ideal for the office, as they don’t have dirt and require only a misting now and then. This¬†modern hanging planter¬†is just the thing to provide a bit more green to your boss’s space.


tea gift boss

And while we’re on the subject of relaxation, consider this¬†Tea Forte gift box. A cup of hot tea eases stress and will put your boss in a relaxed frame of mind — something we all want.

practical boss gift

Make it easy for her to brew a cup with this¬†handy electric kettle. And did you know that Mad Kitty Media makes custom mugs as well? They’re a great way to share an office in-joke!

luxury hand cream boss gift

This luxury hand cream by Lollia is created with shea butter, macadamia nut and avocado oils and contains a floral infusion of relaxing lavender.


funny boss gift

This¬†¬†cute kitty soap by Blue Q¬†is the perfect gift to stick in your boss’s mailbox on her big day, or simply to let her know she’s appreciated.

unique boss gift

Coffee is the thing at the office, but health dictates that we mix it up with water. A delicious way to do so is with this infuser water bottle by Brimma.


nice boss gift

Your boss will be pleased to take a break from the line at the Keurig with her own mini-version.


cookies for boss

And what is better with a cup of coffee than a cookie? This¬†selection of delicious cookies¬†will completely blow your boss’s diet.

chocolate for boss

Or for a more elegant munchie, a gift box of truffles.


hot chocolate boss gift

Is your boss not a big coffee drinker? Everyone loves delicious hot chocolate.


candy for boss

This¬†yummy citrus candy from L’Ami Provencal¬†is not only tasty, but looks cute and welcoming on a desk.

cupcakes for boss gift

And for a true sugar-fiend, try gifting some delicious cupcakes. These tickle the tastebuds and delight the eyes.

gift for female boss crackers

Does your boss enjoy snacking but doesn’t really have a sweet tooth? Make a cheese and cracker basket. This¬†crunchy pan forte crostini is a good starting place.¬†For inspiration, here is a wonderful guide to cheeses.

I hope that this gift guide has inspired you and helped you to choose the most perfect gift for your boss! If you still don’t see what you’d like, definitely head on over to Mad Kitty Media and reach out to me about creating a customized gift!


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