About Me

Hi, my name is Dawn.  I'm a Christian single mother of two young boys. I am a morning person. I love the sunrise, the sky, and the cloud formations. I love to take pictures of nature and my kids. I love to read. I love coffee and dark chocolate, warm fuzzy slippers, and my big, puffy down comforter. I love the warm spring sun on my face and the smell of summer rain. Mostly I love God and my children.

I realized not too long ago my true happiness comes from within. I can't look to the flesh to give me the joy, peace and safety I so longed for. Joy is a gift given from God and His spirit resides within me. So, if His spirit lives within me how can true happiness not come from within?

My God is my rock and He is my strength and I don't walk this life as a single mom alone. He is with me always; He will never leave me nor forsake me. When people ask me, "How do you do it?" I have two answers; One. I have never known any other way and Two. I do it with God.

The title of my blog came to me one night as I was reading a daily devotional to my children. It was a lesson on good gifts. All good gifts come from God, specifically, His son Jesus, "the most perfect gift" of all!

The Most Perfect Gift is a place where I share my life as a single mom and my walk with Christ. It’s a place to acknowledge and celebrate all of God's good gifts. I hope to connect and encourage others and not only single moms, but all my sisters and brothers in Christ!

Please feel free to contact me via email.

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